Estimation Through Final Punch List

At Monumental Stone Works, Inc., we utilize premier estimating software to ensure that the project bid pricing we furnish is an accurate representation of the materials necessary to complete the project. For complex and intricate projects, we furnish the 3D renderings for review with our project estimate. This provides peace of mind for masonry contractors, general contractors, and owners ensuring that all items are visually accounted for in real time. 

Post-award, shop drawings are generated from the construction documents and/or field measurements. 

Shop drawings are revised, after review by the masonry contractor, general contractor, architect, designer, and/or owner. Fabrication tickets and setting instruction drawings move the project into the scheduling and manufacturing phase. 

All products manufactured are cured in a 100% humidity vapor hydration chamber immediately following casting. Vapor curing, coupled with our proprietary chemical admixture, ensures every product has exceptional physical properties when prepared for palletization and shipment to the project.

Upon request - patch kits, specific to the color of cast stone furnished, are sent with the final shipment to repair any unsightly chips that may occur post-installation. 

Project Life Cycle

Accurate Shop Drawings

Often the most critical aspect of a successful project is identifying concerns before they become problems. Installation details such as column line references, assumed air space, rough opening dimensions, frame size, and structural support members are detailed in project shop drawings. 

Field / Jobsite Services

Our dedication to successful completion of the masonry installation extends to the field when job site conditions differ between paper space and "as built" conditions. When necessary, templates for constructed radial elements and field measuring (for verification purposes) are furnished.